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an interview with an undergraduate researcher

Posted by punkrockor on 21st September 2012

An interview with an undergraduate student researcher that I have been working with this summer

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Sheldon Jacobson on aviation security

Posted by punkrockor on 6th September 2011

An interview with Dr. Sheldon Jacobson from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign about his research on aviation security.

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Undergraduates interview me

Posted by punkrockor on 1st September 2011

Two undergraduate student researchers asked me if they could interview me about being an operations research professor. Or that’s at least what they told me.

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An interview with two undergraduate student researchers

Posted by punkrockor on 29th August 2011

An interview with my two undergraduate student researchers that I have been working with this summer

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My first podcast

Posted by punkrockor on 15th August 2011

My first podcast is an interview with my colleague Paul Brooks (also in Statistical Sciences & Operations Research here at VCU). His research is in the area of data mining, discrete optimization, and systems biology. His poster entitled “MetModel GUI: Software for Building Optimization-Based Models of Cellular Metabolism” (with William P. Burns, Stephen S. Fong, Seth B. Roberts) won the Monday Interactive Session at the 2008 INFORMS Annual Meeting. He sat down with me to talk about this research project.

November 13, 2008

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